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Technical writing basics

In the present fast-paced world full of competition, we want to learn advanced technologies and grow in our fields. However, often we miss emphasizing the importance of fundamentals. This blog is about learning the basics of technical writing.
The technical writing fundamentals include things as simple as what is technical writing, why do we need a style guide, or how technical writing is different from other forms of writing.
In a training environment, fundamentals are easy-to-ignore where they aren’t stressed. However, a good trainer teaches the basics of technical writing along with teaching more complex and modern techniques. Most of the time, the fundamentals are hidden in the details you are learning in order to make any given technique work properly.

Do you have a signature writing style types

Do you have a signature writing style type?

The word writing style is often defined vaguely, and its importance in writing is tricky. For some writers, their tone, mood, and syntax can be easily identified and have distinguishing characteristics. While others are generic and do not have anything to stand out of the race yet, all of them create unique and high-quality content loved by many readers. There are many types of writing styles and every writer has their writing style types. Even if you find the right writing style, it can last for a year or two. That is why, for most of the writers, finding the… Read More »Do you have a signature writing style type?

What is grant writing

What is grant writing for nonprofits organizations

If you like writing, are well organized, and enjoy working for a good cause, grant writing could be the perfect career for you. The scholarship holders are in high demand, with more than $1.5 billion a year in scholarships dependent on scholarships in the United States alone. The term “grant writer” is somewhat misleading, as grant writers write the applications for a scholarship. What is Grant Writing for nonprofits organizations In the documentation for the funding applications, the author should emphasize how the project is implemented and how a fund for talented people can make a difference. They also help… Read More »What is grant writing for nonprofits organizations

What is Freelance Writing and how to get started?

If you are thinking, what is freelance writing?Honestly, you are not alone, many like you wake up every morning worried about going to work. People bored with their monotonous work or looking for some extra source of income. You heard about how to start freelance writing, but not sure what it requires. When I started my journey as a freelance writer, there were many questions in my mind; such as, how do I get paid? How much will I earn? What am I going to write? Do I need to acquire a degree?These are great questions and always pop up… Read More »What is Freelance Writing and how to get started?

Content reuse

How to maximize your content by content reuse

As a technical writer, you know it takes a good amount of time to create useful content. From analyzing the audience, researching, interviewing SMEs, product demonstrations, creating content, multiple rounds of review, and editing the content, all of these need a lot of effort. To make sure that you’re maximizing your hard work, content reuse is that practice of incorporating the same (or similar) pieces of content in many ways and different types of documents, websites, training guides, and more (for example, output types). The idea is that authors or writers need to write the content once and use the… Read More »How to maximize your content by content reuse

How technical writing is different from other forms of writing

Isn’t Technical Writing is the same as other forms of writing? There are so many different types of writing. At a bird’s eye view, all kinds of writing look similar. They all require similar skills and have one basic goal; effectively communicate the required information to the intended audience. Trust me, it is hard to make it simple. Different kinds of writing All forms of writing can be grouped into two major blocks: Creative writing: This form of writing is about authoring books, novels, poetry, TV show scripts, movie scripts, and stories. This requires great imagination, creativity, and innovation, as… Read More »How technical writing is different from other forms of writing

What is a Style guide and Why do you need it?

What is a style guide and why is it important

A style guide ensures that your published content is consistent, polished, recognizable, and more enjoyable. When designing a style guide, you should always put your readers or audience first. An accurate and well-written style guide helps you create a recognizable, winning voice and personality with which readers can form a more personal connection. What is a style guide A style guide or manual of style is a collection of rules for the writing, formatting, and layout of documents. One can use these rules for general purposes, or specific to the organization or document type. Sometimes, these rules are called Stylesheet;… Read More »What is a style guide and why is it important

What is technical writing in the modern world

Do you know that according to an article published in The Economic Times, there is almost a 20% year-on-year growth in the number of opportunities in the field of technical communication? According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a technical writer in the United States is $ 57,282/yr, while in India it is ₹624K/yr. In this post, I will walk you through the life of a technical writer, day to day activities, skills, and how the technical writing field is evolving with the advancement of technology. Definition In the words of the Society for Technical Communication, technical communication is a… Read More »What is technical writing in the modern world

A complete list of technical writing tools

Every job profile is known for their skills and tools. If I ask you to imagine a plumber, the first picture that would come into your mind, must be of a person holding a wrench. When I think of a technical writer, the picture of technical writing tools that comes into my mind is of a person holding a pen.Yes, a pen does the basic job of writing, but in the modern world, it is not enough.In the modern world, technical writers need to create instructions that are rich in graphics and easily accessible on different devices.As a technical writer,… Read More »A complete list of technical writing tools